Property in Mohali

Property in Mohali

Property in Mohali has been recognized and is being developed as a complete market for various residential and commercial properties. Mohali is part of Trikuti - Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. It was built as an extension of Chandigarh. Mohali has shared its boundary and architecture plans with Chandigarh. Mohali eventually emerged as a separate city with an independent identity. It is the second best option after Chandigarh. Employers, traders, residents and buyers of Nris have entered the Mohali property market.

The Property in Mohali is witnessing a boom. Real estate developers have stormed the real estate scene in Mohali and surrounding areas with projects like Emaar-MGF, TDI and Unitech. There has been a tremendous rise in property prices and hence property investors are interested in the property. Mohali is being projected as a city with a different image. Office space in Mohali is being sought by companies such as Converse, IDS Infotech and other business support companies.

It is a commercially viable option to buy real estate in Mohali. Investing in Mohali real estate is definitely beneficial for buyers. You can get cheap prices for Mohali properties

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